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We help homeowners with insurance claims, new roofs, roof replacements, and more.

So, you’re looking for a roof?

You’ve probably spent hours searching for a contractor, so we’ll dive right into why you ought to trust us with your asphalt shingle or metal roofing system.

Our roofing systems adapt to the ever-changing Colorado weather so that you can trust your home is protected from unexpected hail storms and the summer heat -- and everything in between. Because we all know that if you don’t like the weather here, just wait 10 minutes, right?


We offer roofing systems that do more than just “look good.” Our roofing systems take smog right out of the air so that the eco-conscious homeowner can do their part to reverse climate change. This one feature built into our systems has climate-change potential of planting two or more trees (depending on the size of your roof). 


Our roofing systems are made of the top-rated products in the industry because we know how important quality is to you. Protecting your home is top priority. Feeling safe during our Colorado hail storms is mandatory. Our roofing systems help do both because we did the legwork to find the top materials in the industry with the best warranties for you -- and we can prove it, too. No shallow claims here.  


You may be worried that these great roofing systems may be outside your budget. Well, we thought of that, too. Our roofing systems are priced for every budget. We found the “sweet spot” between materials, budget, and installation, passing the savings onto you through insurance discounts, lifetime warranties, and energy savings (long after installation). 


We use reflective roofing materials that actually lower your electric bill. Seriously! We know that a lot of contractors preach that their roofing systems help reduce utility bills. Well, we can prove it because we install more than just asphalt shingles or metal. We install the entire roofing system from the deck to the vents and everything in between. This means we have a direct impact on how the roofing system affects your home climate the day we finish the system.


It’s not all showmanship, here. We’re the real deal, and we want to earn your trust.

What to Expect From Colorado Native

Imagine a contractor, any contractor, that you’ve hired before.

Imagine how hunting down the right contractor felt. A bit stressful. Sometimes overwhelming. A lot of back and forth, playing phone tag. You write a deposit check for the project and set the start date. And then silence. No more calls or texts. No more returned phone calls. You start to get worried. Weeks pass. And nothing. You decide to wait until the start date to assume any bad intent. 


Just picture that contractor showing up a bit after 9am on the day he promised. Nonchalantly unloading his work truck. Walking over to your home. Dropping a ladder against your home and climbing up onto your roof. No call. No door knock. Nothing to let you know him and his crew are starting work. You hesitate at first to go outside and say hello. Then you realize, it’s your home. Just because you paid for the contractor’s help doesn’t mean they get a free pass to walk all over your home without letting you know first. 


Got it? Good.

Because Colorado Native is the complete opposite of what every homeowner experiences when it comes to contractors. Here’s how:

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We respect you and your home

We’re homeowners and Colorado natives. Our home is your home. And we know how important it is to respect your property. We expect that respect on our property, so we give it to you on yours.

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We keep you informed

Through calls, texts, and emails, we keep you up to date before, during, and after your project. We also keep a supervisor on site and/or on call so if you have any immediate questions or concerns, you have someone to go to right away.

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We answer your calls

Yes, you may read that and chuckle a bit. But how many times have you called a contractor and either gotten a “hello, who’s this?” answer or a voicemail box that was full? To us, that’s unacceptable. Instead, we answer our phones, answer your questions, and keep you in the know about your project.

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We care about your opinion

Let’s be honest. Reputation is everything in the service business, right? What you say or think about us as a company matters. And while there are an estimated 350,000 people in Larimer county alone, we still want every single customer we partner with to feel like they are our only customer. You telling friends about your experience while watching the game is what we’re going for.

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We’re your family and neighbor

Sometimes contractors can act like that distant family member no one really likes to see at reunions. You know the one, right? Lingers around the edges. Picks at the food but doesn’t eat anything. Maybe they drink a bit much. Well, at Colorado Native, we’re the other side of the family, the one you love to see, love to visit, and love to invite over to help with things around the house. We expect to see you out and about the community because we live here, too. We’re not the fly-by-night contractor or family member that only shows up because there’s an open bar. We’re in it for the long haul. We’re here for you.

If all that sounds like a dream, then let’s turn it into a reality. 


Give us a call at 970-888-1699 or fill out the form here. We’re standing by to help you with your roof, whether it’s an insurance claim, new installation, or an old roof replacement. Not sure what roofing service you need? Call us anyway. We’re happy to help.  

Insurance Claim? Old Roof? Not Sure? No Problem!

Our State Of The Art Roofing systems not only hold up to the toughest Colorado storms can offer, but can actually take smog out of the air! Yea, you read that right and we’re 100% serious. Painstakingly finding the absolute best products available, we’ve developed a world class roofing system for every budget. We also offer reflective roof shingles and breathable synthetic underlayment that can keep your home cool and cut down on your energy bill.
Every Job comes with progression emails every step of the way. Project updates, insurance information and phases communicated flawlessly. Guaranteed property clean up, full roof ventilation system audits and absolutely zero corners cut.  We are on time, in uniform, professional and communicative.  What else are you looking for!


For customer service like never before seen in the construction industry and to schedule your free 25 point roofing inspection, give us a call at 970-888-1699 or fill out the form here.Has your home been in the path of a hail storm in the last two years? If you’re in Northern Colorado, chances are high that it has. Our highly trained roofing experts will let you know if you should file a claim, how insurance works, and communicate directly with your carrier every step of the way. Insurance is confusing, but dealing with insurance does not have to be when you have Colorado Native in your corner.

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Colorado Native's unprecedented Lifetime Workmanship Warranty covers any workmanship errors made during the installation of your project.  Why is it so important? Any material warranty you have is voided if the materials are not installed correctly.  We proudly stand behind every build we do...for life.

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Colorado Native is proud to offer lifetime material warranties on all roofing systems and industry leading material warranties on all of our other services. We thoroughly test and research every product we install giving us the highest possible quality end product.

Why Colorado Native


Family Owned and Operated


Colorado Proud Hometown Contractor


Fully Licenced and Insured


Dedicated Customer Service Manager


Only The Industry's Best Materials & Products


Free 25 Point Property Report


One Company - Every Trade


Technology to Enhance Customer Experience


We Support the Troops


Dedicated Insurance expert


Support Local Communities and Charities


Great Financing Option Available

Financing Available


0% APR Options


Deferred Payment Options


Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit Options


Financing Options up to $100k

Insurance can be tough

We will simplify it


Dedicated Insurance Liaison


Will help you with every step of the insurance process


Will educate you on anything you don't understand.


Will correspond with your insurance company.